Elettrotecnica Industriale Mancini was born in Sora in the 1960s from the far-sighted vision of Eng. Dionisio Mancini

which directs its action on the design, assembly and installation of electrical panels;

with a distinctive focus to the professional training of many young boys who have had the opportunity to specialize in that sector.

In the 1980s the company reinvents itself by imposing strongly in the distribution of electrical instrumentation and industrial automation, creating a network of commercial relationships and enjoying great respect in the paper industry of Lazio and Northern Italy.

Today, with the Mancini’s third generation, the Elettrotecnica Industriale Mancini has further expanded its skills, managing to expand also in the civil sector, despite the rapid evolution of an increasingly competitive market.

The strength of EIM is represented by its family dimension which allows it to ensure a direct and lasting relationship to its customers and suppliers.

The experience gained over the years enables our staff to find the most appropriate solutions,

responding to the needs of each of our customers thanks to the extensive knowledge of the territory that makes us competitive and timely in furniture.